Teio Solo is the first of many products Liddy Ltd is aspiring to bring to market featuring the MagLid technology.

"A magnetically assisted mechanical locking system for closable articles."

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No matter how the lid is placed, (or even thrown onto the canister), it will automatically align, rotate, lock and even seal itself. This guaranteed lock and seal offers a multitude of benefits to everyday articles used in both home and industry.

One of the many added benefits of this system is the ability to fully utilise the canister with a single hand and with minimal dexterity. Picking up and moving the whole canister from the lid as well as opening and closing the lid can be done by using only one hand. This feature is further amplified by the fact that the force required to disengage the lid is so minimal that it can easily be achieved by physically challenged individuals.

Our ultimate goal is to touch the lives of all members of society by animating otherwise inanimate objects, often over looked and mostly disposed. The safety and assuredness offered by the MagLid features are key motivators to inspire reusability over disposability. As many environmentally conscious companies push towards bulk packaging and re-fillable home storage containers, products such as Teio Solo can be viewed as exemplary ambassadors in the re-usable storage front line.

The immediate benefits of the automated closure system are, safety and longevity of the stored perishables, assistance to the physically or visually impaired and of course it’s simply fun to interact with.