Teio Solo tea storage solution "a perfect way to store tea."

The Teio Solo tea storage container was designed with an equal emphasis on function and form. Keeping the contents of the storage container fresh and moisture free is the main culprit for market frustrations. This is caused primarily by storage canisters which do not close correctly. Inadequate sealing systems and difficulties in opening and closing these storage containers only contribute to consumers frustrations. Our product has been designed to overcome all of these challenges.

From a functional perspective, the Teio Solo canister conforms to all the requirements for optimal tea storage (humidity, air, light, heat and odour resistant).

Inspired by natural lines, Teio Solo’s elegant tapering top and bottom give the product gentle curves in soothing white Tritan™ (BPA-free) visually emulating a ceramic finish. The high gloss Tritan™ is contrasted by the main design focal point:

The lid. This slightly oversized lid, was chosen for ease of user handling, while the choice of recycled wood/plastic composite for an environmentally conscious aesthetic appeal. The fine horizontal ribbing running the length of the lid was added to enhancing the soft natural shades and enrich the overall appeal. These design choices work in synergy with the MagLid™ system to enhance the single handed and effortless opening and closing features.

The Dimensions of Teio Solo are:

Diameter top (Lid): 80mm

Diameter middle (Lid / Canister): 100mm

Diameter bottom: 70mm

Height total: 126.5 mm including rubber feet.

Rubber feet: 1mm

Height canister: 86.5 mm

Height Lid: 39.5mm