Liddy Ltd has embarked on a project to design, produce and market simple and easy to use storage solutions. With the introduction of Teio Solo we strive to create value oriented products. Products that enhance our lives with features, and meaningful ergonomics resulting in products that are “useful, usable, and desirable” during both short and long term use by people of all ages and abilities. Creating a harmonious bond between products and the people that use them.

Consumers today seek value, reliability and quality. Liddy Ltd. can deliver this value and create a loyal following by offering products that will capture the audience by satisfying the consumer needs and enhancing the users’ experience.

Keeping the contents of the storage container fresh and moisture free is the main culprit for market frustrations. This is caused primarily by storage canisters which do not close correctly. Inadequate sealing systems and difficulties in opening and closing these storage containers only contribute to these frustrations. Teio Solo has been designed to overcome all of these challenges.